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The principle of operation is a steatit fireplace

To meet the expectations of the customers Warme24 company has created steatit fireplace which characterized heat accumulation and gradual heat emitted into the room.

Due to such large ability to heat accumulation, steatit fireplace maintain constant temperature longer. Inside the hearth when is very hot steatit fireplace accumulate the heat, when the hearth become weaker the temperature is gradually spread into the room.Steatic fireplace weigh is between 1500kg -3000kg, and temperature in the inside is between 800C-1000C. Based on our precise calculation and empirical study ,we know that the burning of wood takes about 3 hours in 24 hours heating process. At this time accumulation heating process began emitting a heat during the next 21 hours into the room. The heat is passed on into the room from a whole fireplace surface.

Logs should be added 1-2 times per 24hours into steatit fireplace, that gives natural and warm flame and this is very comfortable and economical too. The cooling time on the inner part of the fireplace is depend by the temperature which is inside the room. Accumulated heat is very last and can be spread by stetit fireplace for ex. 24 hours (during the winter time) and even two days (during the spring or autumn).
The outer wall of the stetait fireplace is approx. 80 Celsius degrees (except the fireplace door). Stetait fireplace can be used to heat whole house but appropriate power and the size of the chimney must be fit for the room. Fireplace warme24 are very cost- effective.
For example
The fireplace which weight is 1600kg burns approx. 16kg logs per 24hours ( 4X4kg). The generated heat energy is 72kWh. This value is reduced because stetit fireplace lost less energy compare to the standard fireplaces, the difference between them is max.10% -62kWh which are accumulated into marble stone-this is the main ingredientss our fireplaces.
This energy is enough to heat up about 50m2 during 24 hours using 60W/m2.
Currently our homes use 30W/m2 heat energy.

Spalanie wtórne

Secondary combustion

The time when we reduced an amount of the fresh air in a steatit fireplace, it began to use secondary heated air. The Warme 24 stetatit fireplaces are perfectly developed which got additional holes, this helps with the circulation of secondary air. In this solution a heating is supplied by the hole from the upper part of the chimney. This looks like having a burner for wood gas ,which is inside a fireplace. This technology solves problems with the blackened glass door. In addition, we strive for the purest logs burning and we achieved 90% of an effect.

The heat exchenger

In case of multi-storey houses we can build a central heating system where the stetait fireplace will be the main source of heat. The steatit fireplace can also be connected to the central heating system, such as water or air, because they have an additional heat exchanger. This allows heating up a room and produce a hot water too. This is very practical and economical, especially in winter time when the heat consumption is increased and the cost of energy has a significant impact on the household budget.
Wymiennik ciepła


The advantages of steatit fireplaces

• the heat accumulation is due by the combustion process of wood
• a long-lasting process of heat emission in a heated room, longer than 24hours
• short burn time and easy total service (one time a day, to 3 hours)
• high efficiency of the appliance reaching about 90%
• low combustion gas temperature (about 150C)
• complete control of combustion process inside the fireplace
• low heat price – small amount of wood/logs gives the heat for all day, it is temp. around 22C for the design space
• the presence of heat exchanger, which it allows integrating the heating room and heating water

The inset appliances

Modern inset appliances in Warme24 fireplaces are made from the highest quality materials. In order to fully exploit these advantages please read the operating instructions before using the inset appliances for the first time. The instruction explains for ex. how does start a fire when fireplace is cold. In this case for ex.:you use small wood pieces and natural lighter.
During the transitional periods such as a spring or autumn, important is slightly opening the fireplace door because it helps automatically fully open the smoke conduit and it will provide stronger air flood.
This method is permitted to adults and in a room where is the steatit fireplace.
Wkłady kominkowe


Drewno do kominków

The wood of deciduous trees should be use in the fireplace. The best species are : hornbeam,beech, oak also birch,robinia and alternatively other deciduous species.
Particularly species are different because of their value and unit weight.